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How are wood panels packaged for shipping?

What’s the deal with shipping costs?

What carriers are used for shipping?

Custom Requests

I’ve got a custom project; can you make something for me?

I’m looking for panels not listed on your site. Can you make them?

I want panels done in a wood you don’t list on your site. Is this possible?

Can you label, engrave, or put the synth manufacturer's name or logo on my panels?

Can you engrave my own logo, name, or artwork on my panels.

Product Photos

How do you make your product photos?

Your photos are the bomb. Will you take photos of my products?

The Woods and Finishes

Do you have a list of exotic species you might could use?

Why don’t you finish panels in lacquer?

Customer Support

What if I don’t like the panels I receive?

I'm not sure I can install the panels myself. Can you do it, or recommend a local tech?