About Us

GMUsynth provides custom wood panels and cases for vintage synthesizers and some modern instruments, as well as a few vintage synth part retrofits. 

GMUSynth is a more or less a clearinghouse for the items that result out of an intersection of various hobbies and interests such as vintage synthesizer repair, woodworking, and synthesizer DIY.  I mainly offer the products that I have needed in the past, made for myself, and now offer to others with the same interests. 

The custom wood panels and synthesizer cases are all crafted one at a time, by hand, using a combination of power and hand tools.  Recently I've also begun using a CNC machine for some of the cuts.  I work almost entirely from reproduction templates copied from the original panels, or 3D models developed from the originals.  If you're looking for a set of panels for a synth not listed, contact me. I offer huge discounts for those first time 'templating' runs.