(Previously) FREE -( Now only discounted) Synth Panels or Case

Update: Free.  Discounted.  As the queue for this offer has grown quite long, this incentive is no longer free. SORRY!  But, a very nice discount is still available for models I don't currently offer or have reserved.   Here's the deal.  I'm trying to build up the variety I can offer.  GMUSynth panels and cases are made from either templates or 3D models developed from the actual panels or synth.  I need to have the synth / case / panels in my shop in order to generate these.

So in an effort to develop these, I'm offering the following: Update: Free. You pay the shipping, both ways, I'll cover the rest. Now offering a deep discount.  Use the contact page to inquire. This offer is for synths in the list below. It's done on a first come, first serve basis. And I'll only do on of these at a time, so there will be a waiting list.  After I do one, I'll remove it from the list and move on to the next.

You'll send me either the synth, just the case, or just the panels. Which of those I require depends on the design and construction of the particular instrument.  We'll sort that out beforehand.  I'll measure it, trace it, make templates, models, whatever it takes.  I'll build you a case or set of new panels in a typical hard wood fitting the instrument.  This will be quality hardwood, usually be something like Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, etc. Again, we'll decide on that upfront. 

When finished (which may take a few weeks), I'll return your original items and your brand new case or panels. You pay for the return shipping. I'm located in the US, so this is most likely of interest to those in North America.  But, international shipping for a set of panels is typically around $25-30.  So, for just panels, this might interest a wider group.

Here's the current list.  Items marked (reserved) or (in developement) have been claimed and are in the works.


    • ARP Sequencer
    • Korg Mono/Poly (reserved)
    • Korg PolySix (reserved)
    • Korg Poly-61
    • Korg SQ-10
    • Linn LM-1
    • Moog Memorymoog
    • Moog Micromoog (reserved)
    • Moog Minimoog
    • Moog Multimoog
    • Moog Opus-3
    • Moog Prodigy
    • Moog Taurus II  (reserved)
    • Roland Juno 6  (reserved)
    • Roland Juno 60  (reserved)
    • Roland Jupiter-4  (reserved)
    • Roland Jupiter-6  (reserved)
    • Roland Jupiter-8
    • Sequential Pro-One
    • Sequential Prophet 5  (reserved)
    • Yamaha CS-5
    • Yamaha CS-10  (reserved)
    • Yamaha CS-15  (reserved)
    • Yamaha CS-30



      If there's something cool you have that's not on the list that you think would be of interest to others, let me know, maybe we can work something out.  Also, it doesn't have to be vintage, I'll consider anything.

      Send a message through the contact page to inquire or sign up.




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