New Panels: Moog Phatty, Juno 6/60, and Sequential Drumtraks

Orders are picking up, so prototyping has slowed down some.  But, in the queue this week are panels for the Moog Phatty, specifically the Little Phatty Stage 2 and Sub Phatty.  Phatty prototypes have been cut and fitted, and they look great.  These have a pretty unique and very recognizable profile. 

Included with the Phatty wood panels will be an aluminum jack plate.  I haven't decided on how to label it yet.  Silk screening for such a small run is cost prohibitive.  I'll probably leave the panel non-labeled, but include an aluminum sticker that can be applied.  This gives the user the option to either use the sticker, or have the panel screened. Still have to figure this out.

Juno 6/60 panels have gone through CAD.  They still need to be CAM'ed before cutting protoypes.  And Drumtraks panels are at the initial CAD stage.  I hope to have all of these available to order soon! 

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