Lots of stuff in the works!

With the latest of wave of orders shipped, I've got quite a few things in the works now. I've modeled and cut prototypes on a few new panels: 

Korg MS-20 / MS-10 / VC-10:

Even played around with making a Tuxedo version like the old Les Pauls: black paint on maple:

Sequential Sixtrak:

ARP Omni:

Solina Case has made it through the first round of modeling:

Minibrute chop case I'm calling Skinibrute is in the conceptual stage:

The Bourns PTL adapters for ARP CTS sliders have been installed and tested.  Should be ready to order in a few days.

Finally, an ARP Omni / Omni 2 Midi Interface has been designed, code has been written, PIC burned, and bread-boarding is underway:

 Also, Juno 6/60 has been CAM'd, and ready to cut a proto.  So, lots of stuff in the works!

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