SkiniBrtue: MiniBrute Chop Case In The Works...

UPDATE: Is now available.

As time permits, I've been working out the design for a Minibrute chop case.  The MiniBrute is an amazing synth for it's size...and simply put it does things sonically that many other synths do not.   But, many complain about the keyboard.  Two octaves is pretty cramped.  And, quite a few Brutes have been sidelined with failing keyboards...from broken keys to failed aftertouch functionality.

Enter the chop case concept, and the GMUSynth version which will be called the SkiniBrute.  It's a non-destructive design: in about 10 minutes you can convert your Brute back to original configuration with the keyboard. 

The kit will include two new wood side panels crafted in the style of the originals, a wood front piece, and new metal bottom panel, and all associated screws and hardware required for installation.  The kit will allow the front panel to rest about a 12° degree angle to aid access.

3d models have been finished, and I'm currently making CAM adjustments to some prototype pieces. should be ready soon!


  • Walter

    Sorry, didnt see the link. Just saw now that you have a great selection of beautiful wood frames allready avalaible for sale. Anyone didnt see the link, its small and all the way at the beginning of this blog!!

  • Walter

    Wow, just thought to myself, would’nt it be great to have a non-keyboard version of the Brute. Once your ready I wil be a sure buyer of your kit. Any launch dates available yet? Thumbs up & cheers

  • GMUSynth

    @Winston: Now that’s a new request! It would be possible to produce some rack ears..but access to the Brute’s rear panel would be an issue. The rear controls and jacks and the front panel are all on a single PCB and fixed at 90° from each other. So, it’d be a pretty invasive job to remove the rear jacks and controls from the PCB in order to remount on a new rear rack panel. That said, I’ve seen some Brute users install a sliding shelf into a rack for the synth to reside.

  • Winston Myers

    I’ve been wanting to rack mount my minibrute we, but I actually love the keyboard and want to keep it attached to the unit. Might you have any insight on how to accomplish this without destroying the wood? Or perhaps any recommendations for replacing the wood with custom rack ears/sides?

  • L MUrphy

    Please let us know when ready I need one badly thanks

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