MicroBrute: Exploring a Desktop Conversion Case

With the introduction of the SkiniBrute desktop conversion kit for the MiniBrute, I received a large number of requests for a similar kit for the MicroBrute. 

I won't go into the minikey debate, but suffice it to say there's a fair amount of interest in a keyboard-free MicroBrute.  Unfortunately, the Micro isn't as easy to convert as the Mini. 

The primary challenge with the MicroBrute relates to it's single piece molded plastic housing. Unlike the Mini, the Micro doesn't have removable sides. I've explored many options, including replacing the front panel alltogether..but even this poses some significant challenges. For instance, the raised portion of the panel for the CV-jacks isn't just an aesthetic feature; it's required to allow for PCB mounted 3.5mm jacks.

While the goal was to develop a non-destructive mod that anyone could implement, I concluded this just wasn't feasible.  With that in mind, I designed a case for the adventurous DIYer: one who doesn't mind voiding warranties, wielding a hack saw, completely dissembling the case, and removing the PCB's.  The result is going to be the SkinnierBrute.


I'm still testing the layout, and have yet to actually build a prototype.  But, the concept is here.  The case will have to be cut and drilled, but I envision supplying a simple jig with the kit to make this much easier.  More to come....


  • Ron Perrone

    I was considering the same thing, especially considering the yucky keyboard on the Microbrute. Hooked up to a Minibrute, this would make a dandy duophonic synth.

  • Mikael Johansson

    Really intresting, hope that product comes true, would be a great controller/sound module in my studio.

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