Real Wood Side Panels for Arturia DrumBrute!

The Arturia DrumBrute is on a course to become one of the most iconic drum machines ever created.  With it's uniquely designed all analog sound pallete, groundbreaking performance oriented sequencer, and it's unbelievably modest price point, it could very well become one the best selling drum machines in history.

But with all this great performance at such a low price, there's little resources left to afford luxury aesthetics like real wood side panels.  The DrumBrute ships from the factory with 'wood' side panels.  However, they're really just medium density fiberboard (MDF) that's been covered with a wood like veneer.  Unfortunately, many claim they feel more like plastic than wood.

Working with real hardwood is a tantamount challenge in a production manufacturing environment.  Given the huge variety in raw materials, it's hard to automate hardwood processing, and there's very little economy of scale.  As such, for over 50 years manufacturers have sought ways to avoid the challenges of making products with solid wood by using engineered wood solutions like MDF and particle board.  And while some are more successful than others, nothing replaces the warm organic feeling of real, solid hardwood. 

GMUSynth is proud to offer an improvement for the DrumBrute: real hardwood sides custom made in a variety of woods and finishes.  You can customize your Brute with real wood, sourced from real trees.  These panels are rough cut using a CNC machine, then finished by hand.  The striking chamfers that are a hallmark of Arturia design and seen on many of their products are reproduced here with hand planes...the same way they would have been done 100 years ago. 

The panels also ship with hex drive screws that make it much easier to attach and remove the side panels without removing any of the instrument's circuit boards.  No synth tech or repair experience is needed to install, and complete installation instructions are available here.  

Dress up your DrumBrute today!  Side panels are available for purchase on the product pageFollow us on Facebook for more details and news!

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