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Many new products are being added to the site over the next week!

 Continuing in the Korg MS line, we’re now offering wood panels for the MS-20 Kit; the full size MS-20 re-issue.  These are available now over on the MS-20 product page. In addition, we’re also offering panels for the desktop module version of this kit, the MS-20M.  The MS-20M originally ships with some decent quality beech wood side panels…but they’re painted! Oh the horror!  Now you can treat your MS-20M to some real wood love.


The synthesizer engine of the MFB Dominion 1 (D1) is a beautifully designed, inspirational powerhouse.  But, some find the side panels to be a little rustic.  GMUSynth is now offering replacement D1 panels in several woods and refined finishes.  These panels are offered in two versions with slightly different shapes: one that maintains the original boxy profile, and one with contoured fronts to allow better access the edges of the keyboard (a feature requested by an enthusiast.)  

Fed up with the particle board sides on your Juno 6 or Juno 60?  We’re now offering side panels, complete wood kits including the side panels and front key rest, and entire replacement cases for these two Juno’s.  Cases include Baltic birch bottom panel, rubber feet, EMI shielding, all hardware, and the wood sides and keyrest. 




Panels for the ARP Omni and Omni 2 are now available.  The Omni panels feature the brass inserts like the originals that hide the mounting hardware.  The Omni 2 panels replace the leather sides on the original Omni-2’s, and are glued in place.


 Finally, wood panels are now available for the following DSI keyboard model synths: Mono-Evolver, Prophet ’08, Prophet 12, and Mopho.  These models all share an identical design.


These products will be added to the site and available for purchase over the next few days.

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