Korg SQ-10 / MS-50 Wood Panels
Korg SQ-10 / MS-50 Wood Panels

Korg SQ-10 / MS-50 Wood Panels

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Upgrade your Korg SQ-10 Sequencer or MS-50 Synthesizer with new wood side panels made from select hardwoods.  The GMUSynth SQ-10  / MS-50 side panels follow the exact profile of the original panels, including the inner groove detail on the sides. 

Available woods will vary from time to time.  If you want a different wood, contact us for a special request. One note...like our MS-20 panels, this is a very wide panel.  It requires rough boards of at least 11 inches wide, which can be very hard to find in furniture grade woods suitable for making synth panels.  These are also more costly!  Because of the difficulty in sourcing these wide boards, woods will only be offered if the raw lumber is in stock. (It may appear sold out otherwise.)  If the wood you want isn't available,  contact us to request it.

The panels mounts using the original screws from the synth, although new hardware is available for a small cost.

Installation requires just a screw driver.  No electronics or synth repair knowledge is required.  

Original GMUSynth
Material Plastic Wood
Species / Type Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, & Custom Requests!
Length 170mm 170mm
Heigth 237mm 237mm
Depth 12mm 18mm
Mounting Method Protruding Screws Countersunk Screws