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An order request is an easy, no risk way to purchase custom made products through GMUSynth.  Simply add items to your cart as usual, then submit your cart and contact information using this page.  The items requested will be produced for you on a lower priority schedule than those orders that are paid for in advance of production, typically 8-10 weeks, but could take longer depending on order backlog. 

When the current order backlog exceeds our production rate limitations, we will temporarily require all orders to be made via the order request feature.

An Order Request is not a contract to purchase. You can change your mind at anytime.  If you later decide to cancel, there are no problems, no worries. 

Once you submit your Order Request, you'll receive a confirmation email. Once confirmed, the request is entered into the production queue.  When the item has been produced and is ready to ship, you'll receive a notification with a link where you can complete your purchase.  Shipping charges will be added to the order at that time.  However, for most panels, shipping rates are:

US: $15       CANADA: $25         INTERNATIONAL: $35

Shipping rates are subject to change depending on the carrier...but again, if you have any issues along the way you can always cancel your order at any time.

If you wish to edit your cart, return to the cart and product pages to make changes.  Then simply submit your request using this page.  If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us form.


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