CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer
CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer

CTS to PTL Adapter/Spacer

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Make your own ARP replacement pots!  These are ARP Style CTS Slide Pot adapters for modern Bourns PTL Slide Pots.  This allows installation of the Bourns LED sliders into ARP gear like the Omni's, Odyssey's, Axxe's, and others. 

The assembled unit consists of one adapter PCB and one height spacer PCB.  These are 1.6mm FR4 boards with 2oz copper traces. 

The boards are designed to have the LED power daisy chained amongst the sliders.  I prefer to use solid wire jumpers for this.  A driver board for powering the LED's is available separately, and included in the kits below.  The driver board uses an MTA connector to piggy back onto the standard ARP 'long-pin' power connectors. Please note that every kit option (PCBs only, PCBS with Sliders, and fully assmebled) includes the required driver boards.  You only need additional ones for running several colors, or running things crazy bright.  Also, depending on the particular synth, the LED load may exceed the available capacity of the onboard PSU, in which case you'll need to supply power separately.

For those that don't care for the LED's, vinyl caps are available that provide a similar look to the slider caps on early (pre-Orange Face) ARP synths.

Please note this is a DIY product aimed at competent synth techs.  It involves desoldering the existing sliders from the often fragile ARP pcbs, soldering in the new boards, and in a few rare instances, some creative fitting to work around other parts.  An installation guide is available. The adapters are fairly easily to assemble as the bottom spacer is used as a jig for installing the SIL header pins. (Note that it is recommended to bend two of the eight case retainer tabs away from the slider bottom. Not a big deal, but I don't want any surprises!)   The required pins are included along with a foam sheet that aids in assembly. 

If you need a synth tech to perform this install, please fill out the contact form and I'll help to find you a local one.  If you are in the states, I can install them as well.  Use the contact form to work out a price.

These adapters are available as just the individual PCB pair, PCB Kits for various models, or fully assembled kits with the PTL sliders.  All of the items include the SIL header pins required for assembly.  The kits will also include some right angle pins for connecting the off-board power.

If ordering a kit with the sliders, you can specify the LED color in the order notes.  Select from any combination of Orange, Red, Green, White, Warm White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, or Purple.  Note those wishing to use multiple colors should plan on a separate driver board for each color. 

Available kits are listed in the table below, along with the included sliders and number of driver boards included.  


Avatar 2221 2222 2223 2225 37 15 14 8 3
Axxe 2300 23 6 11 6 2
Odyssey 2810 - 2823 34 15 11 8 3
Odyssey 2800 34 17 9 8 3
Omni 2480 15 8 1 4 1 1 1
Omni 2 2471 2472 4473 2475 15 6 1 4 1 3 1
Pro Soloist Pro DGX 2701 2720 4 1 1 1 1 1
Sequencer 1601 19 18 1 2


Note these adapters are NOT for the following models: 2500, 2600, Quadra, Solus, Solina, Quartet.