Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels
Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels
Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels
Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels
Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels
Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels

Moog Rogue / MG1 Wood Side Panels

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These are custom wood end caps for your Moog Rogue or Moog / Realistic Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer.  They have been carefully modeled after the originals (read about the development of them here) using solid hard wood. 

These end caps consist of two solid wood pieces; the side panel and the black keybed end.  These two pieces are carefully jointed and glued together forming the single end cap.  You won't find any other MG-1 or Rogue panels with this much detail and exterior relief. These are a little more expensive than other panels due to the extra labor required in milling both sides of the panel, and adding the keybed ends.

Made from a single piece of solid hardwood in a variety of woods.  If you want a different wood not listed, contact us for a special request. 

The keybed ends are made from a hardwood like white oak (shown), dyed black, then painted.  The dye is used first because it penetrates deeper into the wood.  In case it wears, is dented, or is scratched, this will help avoiding exposing the lighter color of the original wood.  An open pored, deep grained wood like oak works well as the strong grain still shows through the paint covering.

Available finished a natural oil and wax finish, a low sheen hand-rubbed polyurethane finish, a semi-gloss hand-rubbed polyurethane finish, and a high gloss premium finish.  Mounts using a silicone adhesive and the original screws.  New wood screws are included for the bottom panel attachment.

Installation requires removal of screws from the bottom panel in order to open the synthesizer.  Then, the original side panels must be pulled off.  They were originally attached with a flexible adhesive.  Installation of the new panels requires installing included spacers in the inner groove, applying the included flexible silicone adhesive to the groove, and then pushing the side panels on the front panel.   After the adhesive sets (24hrs) the synth can be re-assembled.  This only requires some standard mechanical aptitude.  No electronics or synth tech knowledge are required.   Installation instructions are available.

Please note that due to international shipping restrictions, the adhesive will now only be included in orders shipping to the United States.  If you need help identifying an appropriate adhesive (some type of flexible bonding agent) available in your country, please contract us.


Original GMUSynth
Material Plastic Wood
Species / Type Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, & Custom Requests!
Length 12 1/8" 12 3/16"
Height 4 13/15" 4 13/15"
Depth 5/8" 3/4"
Mounting Method

Flexible Epoxy

Bottom Panel Machine Screws

Flexible Silicone Adhesive

Bottom Panel Wood Screws