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Moog MG-1 and Rogue Panels

I've been working on some Moog panels during the last week. This is the first panel I've done with the CNC router, rather than using templates and a traditional router table. The originals were measured and modeled up in Sketchup. This 3d model was exported to a CAM package for creating the toolpath G-Code for the CNC machine.  This G-Code was then loaded into the machine control software to produce the cuts.  The MG-1 / Rogue panels have some intricate inner grooves that hold the front panel and 1/4" of epoxy (not the best design in the world!)  Anyway, I've done similar ones like these by hand before for a Taurus II and it's very tricky to get perfect.  The CNC made this...

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(Previously) FREE -( Now only discounted) Synth Panels or Case

Update: Free.  Discounted.  As the queue for this offer has grown quite long, this incentive is no longer free. SORRY!  But, a very nice discount is still available for models I don't currently offer or have reserved.   Here's the deal.  I'm trying to build up the variety I can offer.  GMUSynth panels and cases are made from either templates or 3D models developed from the actual panels or synth.  I need to have the synth / case / panels in my shop in order to generate these. So in an effort to develop these, I'm offering the following: Update: Free. You pay the shipping, both ways, I'll cover the rest. Now offering a deep discount.  Use the contact page to inquire. This offer is for synths in the list below. It's...

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GMUSynth Launch

I've been meaning to get together some type of web store for a while now, so here we are.  I've been producing wood panels and cases for my own synths and for one's I've repaired and restored for a number of years.  I've typically only sold items via request...a lot of these coming from the FB Vintage Synth Repair and Mods group.  But, in order to simplify ordering panels, and to aid in making them available to a wider audience, we have this site. Additionally there's a section related to modern part retrofits.  This contains information and part numbers for modern parts that replace or can be substituted into vintage gear.  Also, some specialty adapters are offered for sale. Hopefully...

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